Hope Bitcoin hits 1M but I have to unsubscribe. This place is an unhealthy echo chamber of delusion and speculation with little focus on the actual technology.

I’ve been in bitcoin since late 2017 and it even sparked enough curiosity to send me back to school for cpu engineering, however as of late I’ve noticed more and more bullish sentiment (which I love) however it seems to be diluted unfortunately due to the sheer number of absolute shills who seem to have little to no understanding of blockchain tech or the ecosystem.

Yes it’s dangerous for companies to put large portions of their cash on their balance sheets into highly volatile assets. This isn’t rocket science people, also isn’t a damnation of bitcoin in itself.

Yet after pointing out that simple fact I’ve received several nasty anon dm’s….from one little comment.

Be kind to one another, stack sats, and spread knowledge.

Take Care! I’ll check back in at 250k or something.

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