People are so clueless about bitcoin and crypto.. we’re still so early!

People are so clueless about bitcoin it's mindboggling for those who have been in it and around it for years and years.. it makes you realise we're still so early..

Tesla bought 70k bitcoins, Michael Saylor bought 90k bitcoins, so many other big and small companies and high net worth individuals bought it and speak good things about it, Jack Dorsey and Square are building around it and believing in it, ETFs are about to be approved all over the place, big traditional investors are coming in, heck there are several politicians in the US that believe in bitcoins future.. there are so many exciting new developments, new platforms, new technologies, new services that are constantly being built..

But nothing of all this matters. Outsiders will stay outsiders. They just don't care, their prejudice is too strong. We know it because we all were there at some point, thinking it's a scam, that it will be outlawed, that it won't work etc. But get ready folks because (in my opinion) things are about to change, after a slow and steady grind things will change suddenly and all at once.

Just my 2 sats.. keep stacking 'em up!

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