The Satoshi Nakamoto Weapon.

-first DARPA created the internet than they wanted to solve the byzentine problem by creating bitcoin. You see they wanted to create Cryptocurrency in order to put all of humanity onto a digital credit that they controlled!

-But Satoshi Nakamoto is actually a military weapon that will be used against entire nations and it's own people! Once BTC is the reserve currency for the U.N they will destroy any nation that opposes them!

-The next question I'm sure you're asking is how will they use satoshi as a weapon? Well once the U.N has BTC as a world's reserve currency it will be merged with their other even more henious Web.3.0 aka (Ethereum)

And once they have control over the entire internet 3.0 and the world's reserve currency they would be unstoppable.

-they could easily crash any nation by either liquidating their BTC to crash any other currency they may be using or just buy it all up to manipulate it!

But that's where monero comes into play! Monero has whats called tail emissions so the probability of a government buying all the coins in circulation and dumping them would not be a viable tactic because they don't have a finite supply!

-And even with most other coins needing a specific hardware like asic, monero would only need a CPU and could infiltrate anything and everything to keep the network alive and thriving!

-The Internet will not be the same after they lock it down and roll-out web 3.0. They will want all your personal info just to access the internet!

-there is no challenging this event as it has been in the making for decades but we can fight back with privacy coins, TOR, and the power a human resilience.

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