2FA App Should Be Required

So I just wanted to share something that happened today when I was leaving work.

I am leaving and my phone doesn't have a signal and says something about the sim card. I restart it, and still no signal. Now I'm like great my sim card is broken. (not the first time I have had an issue like this)

I go home and see someone logged into my email and reset the password. They also tried resetting my Coinbase password too. Now I am like great I am getting hacked. I lock down my email and lock down my Coinbase account.

Turns out the only thing that saved me was my 2FA app like Google authenticator. I have heard the stories about people getting their phone number stolen but I never thought it would happen to me.

A little back story: I don't usually leave it on the exchange but I am getting a different hardware wallet and sell a little. I don't like keeping my money on the exchange because like everyone here says if you don't hold the keys it is not your crypto.

TLDR: 2FA saved me from losing all my crypto.

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