Convinced my studying girlfriend to start investing in BTC!

Just some wholesome content for everyone. I've been in the crypto space for a few years, just idle and watching for the most part. Was into bitcoin back in 2017 but stupidly sold all that I had (like many others it seems).

Over the last couple of months I've been investing on a weekly basis with some DCA involved, and trying to improve my knowledge as much as possible. I took out a small loan to pay off my car so that I would have extra cash flow until my partner finishes university. This has allowed me to invest a fair bit into bitcoin in a short amount of time, and I will be continuing to do so for the foreseeable future.

With all the knowledge I've gained, and confidence I now have in bitcoin as an asset, I couldn't help but smother my girlfriend with that knowledge. I've told her to put in small amounts that she can manage on her uni budget, and today she finally started with her first $10 purchase, which she will continue to invest every week that she can. It's got her checking the price, and taking interest in what's going on. I couldn't be more proud. Make an investment in not only bitcoin, but the economic knowledge that follows. Invest your time and effort. It will be worth it.

I now feel inclined to spread the BTC dream to my family and get then on this journey. I truly believe that BTC will be the preferred global store of wealth in the years to come, and surpass the market cap of gold by a mile. Many are too scared to start investing because they have not taken the time to understand it. Once global adoption begins to accelerate, we can expect huge, huge, huge things. We are still early (yes, I said early)! HODL, and do not let go of your precious coins. It doesn't matter if you buy at the current ATH, or on the dips, just keep accumulating and holding. Never give up on this dream. I once did before and I'll forever regret it.

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