Farcaster community update April

Farcaster community update April


Please find below the monthly update from the community workgroup on Bitcoin-Monero atomic swaps.

Milestone 1 approved

We submitted the full milestone 1 (specifications) with the last community update, and are happy to announce that it was approved!

Project State

The entire team (5 developers) is now working towards implementing the specs set out by the RFCs from milestone 1. We synchronize during weekly public IRC meetings (Wednesdays, 16h00 UTC, #monero-swap channel on freenode); team members have also been meeting physically where possible to sync up on code architecture and design philosophy. The logs of the weekly meetings are available on farcaster-project/meetings.


Farcaster-core and -chains contain the building blocks for building atomic swap nodes. They now include logic for creating and validating transactions needed for the XMR/BTC protocol. It creates and encodes protocol messages that have to be passed between the counterparties involved in a swap. It does not include cross group discrete-log equality proofs and adaptor signatures yet. Exciting work ahead!

Monero-rs new releases

We are contributing to the Monero ecosystem in Rust.

Since we started the Farcaster project, two new releases of monero-rs came out to deliver features needed for the swap protocol, the latest release being v0.12.0.


Currently, the farcaster-node is able to make public offers, and awaits for the counterparty peer to connect and take the offer. We successfully tested making and taking an offer over the wire from separate machines. Over the past month, most work went into farcasterd and swapd. farcasterd is the manager of swaps: it initiates them, and has information about all the running swaps and open offers that are running. farcasterd launches swapd that takes over the swap protocol for a particular swap – multiple swapd instances can be launched in parallel for parties that engage in multiple swaps simultaneously, like market makers. Work for the next month will be focused on completing the protocol run inside swapd. Currently, the remote peer connection does not support our protocol messages due to upstream limitations. To overcome that…


We started contributing upstream to rust-internet2, a project devoted to creating the networking components and runtime backbones for building trustless, censorship resistant, and private decentralized applications. We implemented the abstractions needed to support transmitting our peer protocol messages over the wire between the swap participants, and the rust-internet2 maintainer has been very welcoming.

Thank you!

We'd like to thank you again for your support and for being a community withholding nobel values!

Would you like to contact us? Please reach out at #monero-swap

The Farcaster workgroup

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