Fourth Monero Village Staff Meeting

The fourth (of about ten) staff meeting for the Monero Village at Defcon 29 (August 2021) is happening:

  • Saturday 1 May 2021
  • #monero-events
  • 18:00 UTC


Reminder: Those who decline to contribute work during planning (now) do not receive staff benefits later on.

This year will probably be the first time Defcon closes attendance and rejects some people trying to get in (after ticket sales end.) To ask:

Will I be turned away at the door?

…and other questions, please come to the Monero Village meeting, thanks!


Defcon is a yearly conference in Las Vegas frequented by hackers, where the Monero community organises an official village.


This year, Defcon 29 is planned to take place online in a Discord environment and onsite in the hotels of Las Vegas.

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