idk about you guys, but I grew up in the ghetto. Knowing those I cared about & grew up around were destined to work until their dying day or end up in jail out of financial desperation causing them to steal or run a nefarious business kept me from ever being able to keep my mouth shut about Bitcoin

and cryptocurrencies in general. Instead, I spent the last 10 years telling and gifting Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies I saw promise in, to all those I cared about most. That one drug dealer-like trick has gotten everyone I cared about most on board in the last 10 years. So for those who are telling those they care about crypto for the same reasons, I say speak on, gift on; otherwise, those at the bottom we were born with will stay at the bottom if we don't give them a little push.

For anyone asking how you can gift Bitcoin or Cryptocurrencies to someone without a wallet, well for me I usually tell them to check their email for a Bitcoin gift I sent them. On Coinbase you can send it to someone's email. The owner of the email will receive an email letting them know they have some cryptocurrency waiting for them. Once they open an account, whatever you sent them will be propagated on it.

If you know of any other options like this, please let me know in the comments and I'll edit them in.

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