If you can help the Tier 1 Bitcoin-Friendly Candidates running for Office in New York City.

If you can help the Tier 1 Bitcoin-Friendly Candidates running for Office in New York City.

Dear Bitcoiners,

I posted an exuberant message yesterday to express my happiness in finally making the ballot in New York City for Public Advocate. Reddit spam bot wiped it out.

For those who have heard of me, I have been trying to obliterate the New York State Bitlicense since 2015 (the whole story is here https://article78againstnydfs.com and https://abolishthebitlicense.org.)

This election will allow me to talk about the Bitlicense and the harm to small businesses. I need your help with Twitter and get journalists to pay attention by lighting up tweets.

For example, I need you to like this post: https://twitter.com/CHRISLEONJNY325/status/1388203845105246209 which is in response to this post: https://twitter.com/errollouis/status/1388201856099364871 (Please don't like this one but read it.)

If the New York City media don't give me #EqualTime, then I don't have a prayer. This is where I need your help.

The lawmakers want to make believe that Bitcoin is there for the criminal and everyone that uses it is a psychopath criminal. Are you a psychopath criminal?

Long story short is that I made it on the ballot as a Tier 1 New York City candidate. I tried in january 2019 and failed.

The election is June 22, 2021 so until then, I will post here action that can help me and all the Bitcoin-friendly candidates running in New York City.


Theo Chino

Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/theochino

This the post. I am not linking to it so Reddit Bots don't attack this post.


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