Just wanted to say: been slowly accumulating XMR with full knowledge, awareness, and acceptance that it *will* be banned/delisted at all US fiat exchanges.

I don't want there to be a mass panic attack on this forum when sometime in the near future (next 2 years, I think) government passes laws to limit exchanges to KYC'ed, fully transparent, and traceable coins.

Fortunately, the demand for a electronic, cash-like private form of value exchange will not disappear with the ban and XMR will be something like piratebay today.

Technically not "allowed", but exists, is shut down/blocked but always re-emerges, and everyone knows where/how to find and use it when they need to torrent something.

Just a heads up to all the normies who think they'll be able to trade XMR on Koinbase any day now, lol

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