Not another post to remind you to stay away from big mining pools

I have been active in this sub for some months and one thing I noticed is te recurring plee to not join the larger mining pool because it is really bad for decentralisation.

One could even argue that the entire network is easily hackable since you would only need to hack a handful of pools.
Something a nation state actor could surely pull together.

I wanna propose a solution which I could not find really, so excuse me if it has been suggested before:

Decrease the block reward when pools get above a certain amount of hashrate!
This will cause miners to look for another pool and reward smaller pools > increase decentralisation.

I have seen this principle in action in another blockchain where it works like a charm.
The difference is: it's a PoS pool, so instead of mining pools they deal with staking pools with a maximum size.

Let me know your thoughts or let me know I am a dumbass for not searching good enough 😉

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