PoW vs PoS. Help me

Hello guys,

I've been doing some research on proof of work and proof of stake and there is one thing I can't really find an answer to. So I figured maybe someone on this sub can help me.

I'm my opinion Proof of Stake coins promote centralization due to the fact that someone holding the most coins can decide if a new block will be created. This is obviously a problem since this person will have more and more power. (correct me if I'm wrong please)

Proof of Work makes sure miners have to work hard in order to create a block (hence the higher energy consumption yadayada). The one who solves the equation the fastest gets to create the block. Now the thing I can't find an answer to is this: isn't proof of work also vulnerable to centralization if only miners with a lot of processing power will be able to solve the equation?

I hope you guys have some answers for me, thanks!

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