The biggest thing that I can’t stand about Bitcoin…

After being in this space since 2018, going through all the phases, and learning as much as I possibly could about Bitcoin from every angle I've come to the realization that I truly hate all the damn influence of humanity out there.

Let me specify what I mean.

As Bitcoin's organic growth matures I've noticed a mega fuckload of powerful rich people, general media, and others throwing opinions out there trying to persuade everyone to look the opposite way of the revolution.

Case in point Elon Musk. People are drawn to this guy and whatever he says. I'm sure he has his own intentions and methodology on shit he's doing and that he understands Bitcoin. Instead of being a positive influence and advancing the technology to better mankind, he shills a shitcoin!! Doing that put idiots in a position to gamble and lose a ton of money. That's very irresponsible for someone who's supposed to be doing good for mankind with all the advancements he's working towards.

Aside from him we have media outlets who do ZERO research on the subject to try to get a better understanding and just come up with sensational titles to sway people's emotions which are effective. How many times have you heard someone parrot the FUD that Bitcoin is bad for the environment without knowing all the facts and what it does for humanity.

In conclusion I just want to say that I fucking hate people. Bitcoin could be much further than what it is right now if it weren't for these shit pied pipers at every damn corner. All it takes is for someone with a lot of power to just make the right choice on words to say or actions to take and we could get through the slow parts a little faster otherwise humanity will have to suffer longer with broken money until it gets backed into a corner and has no choice to advance.

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