This is what bitcoin would look like distributed in the same way global wealth is distributed today.

Currently global wealth distribution looks like this:

Top 1% holds 41% of all wealth

Next 8% holds 42% of all wealth

Next 23% holds 14% of all wealth

Bottom 68% holds 3% of all wealth

If bitcoin were to be distributed in the same way this is how much btc each of those groups would own (assuming a population of 8 billion people).

Top 1% would own 8,610,000 btc (0.1076 btc per person)

Next 8% would own 8,820,000 btc (0.0137 btc per person)

Next 23% would own 2,940,000 btc (0.0015 btc per person)

Bottom 68% would own 630,000 btc (0.0001 btc per person)

Owning 0.1 btc ($5,500 today) would put you in the top 1% of the global population should bitcoin become used as a global reserve currency.

We are still so early!

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