Trezor T: Did i understand this?

Hello everybody,

i am helping somebody with moving his coins to his new Trezor T Wallet and Monero isn't really integrated in TrezorSuite so you have to follow a different process.

Please check if my assumptions are correct:

1) The monero wallet is not actually saving anything on the hardware wallet. We are just using Trezor to create the keys i an deterministic way.

2) Using the monero gui wallet + Trezor T means that the coins are protected by the Trezor Pin + The additional Trezor Password.

3) You create additionally a wallet password for the wallet file that gets saved on the computer. This password is basically used to enrcypt what? …. the exported view key? The private key doesn't leave the Trezor so stealing the file on the computer means no risk for the coins, right?

4) I can recreate the exact same monero private keys by just having the Trezor Seed + the encryption password on another Trezor T, correct?

Thanks everyone.

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