Bitcoin and the Bitcoin network are to money and finance as the internet is to communication

My wife and I met with our financial planner a few days ago. We've met with her annually for many years, but this time was a little different. We hadn't ever mentioned bitcoin before.

I first bought bitcoin in 2012 on Mt. Gox by sending two hundred dollars to some money service from a Walmart. The price went from $35 to $70 or so during the 9 days it took for the money to get routed to Mt. Gox. My wife didn't know anything about it. I had read the whitepaper and everything else I could find. And I was convinced. I started talking to her about bitcoin the next year and we wound up putting $20k into bitcoin in November and December 2013 when it was rising rapidly.

Like I said, I was sold on the technology of bitcoin. And also on the false security of fiat. But I was still aware that I'm no genius. And nobody knew for sure how things would shake out. So we sold some of our bitcoin along the way. First to get back half our investment – logic being that we had a lot of cushion if it crashed. Later we sold some to get back the rest of our initial investment. Everything after is house money. The last time we sold was to pay off our home equity loan.

It's been hodl since then.

We had to bring up our bitcoin holdings because we wanted to talk to her about retiring soon/now instead of in many years. It was clear that she didn't have much knowlege of bitcoin. To her credit she seemed genuinely curious and didn't seek to steer us from it. She was obviously aware of the increasing profile and "legitimacy" of bitcoin. She asked what my confidence level was for bitcoin in 5 years and I replied "one hundred percent." She had a few questions about the general technology (we had limited time after all), but I think what really got her attention was talking about the foundational technology. I summarized that with "Bitcoin and the Bitcoin network are to money and finance as the internet is to communication." I could see the lights go on at that point.

The technology is the "thing". Everything else is just riding on it. The technology isn't going away, but is only getting stronger. Embrace it.

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