Fundamental Research about Monero

There are thousands of financial or social metrics about cryptocurrencies on the internet, but when it comes to fundamental characteristics we are barely able to compare coins with each other. And almost nobody has the time to fundamentally analyse each cryptocurrency out there.

We at decided to tackle this problem. Our goal is to establish a research platform which enables comparing cryptocurrencies with each other on a fundamental level. To be able to make correct classifications about Monero we would love the community to discuss Monero in the context of the key fundamental properties we could identify. Here is the list of those properties:


  • Transaction Speed
  • Transaction Fees
  • Transaction Eco-Friendliness
  • Consensus
  • Immutability
  • Max. Scalability
  • Anonymity


  • Inflation
  • Undistributed Supply
  • Privately Reserved Supply


  • Own MainNet
  • Code Base
  • Project Birthyear
  • MainNet Birthyear
  • Initial Distribution Method


  • Quantum Resistant
  • Smart Contracts
  • Zero Value Transactions

You can find more detailed information about these properties at:

Further, you can see how Monero compares to Bitcoin with the information we already tried to gather as an initial research:

Or see Monero’s properties directly at its details page:

Let's use this topic to discuss the fundamental properties listed above. Any input is going to help us improve our information quality (giving sources is very much appreciated).

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