Help with possible non-BIP39, 8-word key phrase?

My brother took his life a little over a year ago. I inherited his gaming computer, but haven't really been able to touch it since. I just got around to setting things up, and he had a note stored that I think is bitcoin related, but I'm not sure what to do with it. I've spent the last month trying to Google what this all means, and I've hit a wall.

First, the context:

  • This note was last edited in 2017
  • Note was in a folder called "Bitcoin" that also contained a wallet.dat file from 2014. (Loaded with Bitcoin Core, but the wallet was empty. It showed transactions though)
  • The first thing in the note is a wallet ID.
  • Second is what I think is an Authy 2FA backup code probably for the above or below wallet (format: ABC1-ABC1-ABC1-ABC1-ABC1-ABC1)
  • Third: 8 words single spaced. 3 words are BIP39 words, but the following 5 words (out of order) are not on any word lists I can find: heaven banjo salary stranger swimming
  • Lastly: 25 words single spaced. I imported this into Electrum and it asked if I wanted to disable 2FA (perhaps for the above 2FA code?), but the wallet was empty and had no transaction history.

The big question still remaining is what are those 8 words for? I have two theories:

  • It could be part of a 12-word master key for the wallet, stored somewhere else or possibly incorporating some pattern of words from the 25-word list (i.e. deduct the non-BIP39 words and combined with the other keys)
  • It could be the passcode to a hidden wallet in Electrum based on the 25-word key. I only read briefly about hidden wallets weeks ago and can't seem to figure out how to reveal them now, so no idea if that's even possible. But I feel like the 25-word keys should be important.

Maybe it's nothing, but it's been fun researching this. Kind of like a treasure hunt my brother left just for me. I didn't know anything about bitcoin before I started this, but it's been really cool learning about it all. It even lead to me buying a little myself now.

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