I just wanted to say…

I love Monero. I was up til about 2 am reading all about it.

Interesting shit. If i had to guess the same creators of bitcoin play a huge part in Monero. I love it.

Bitcoin is the only crypto with no face. That is the beauty of it. Ive been linked in the crypto sphere since occupy wallstreet. Ive been preaching bitcoin since 2011 and have gotten called crazy by everyone til about 2017, now everyone wants to be my friend.

What people dont understand is the tech and why Bitcoin was created.

Well, Bitcoin is being dismantled by its own community. Its not longer going in the direction of the original vision of Satoshi…I believe Monero is the true vision of Satoshi. 1 CPU 1 Vote. Cryptonote.

Never thought Id say this….but Monero is my favorite crypto.

I would love to meet the people that created Bitcoin and or Monero.

but there is a reason they remain anonymous.

Dismantling the central banking system is risky business.

Look what happened to JFK and Abe.

Mess with the money supply, your head goes missing.

Id just like to say keep up the good work whoever you guys are, stay safe, and you are the true heroes of this world.

Ending corruption with uncrackable software programs. No violence needed. Amazing. Definition of art. Heroic. Much love <3 power level 9000


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