I’m bullish. Why? Because when the markets get “boring” is when it’s the time to consolidate.

I was aware of Bitcoin in 2012, I was offered a bitcoin for $10 instead of the silver dime I wanted. I declined. I still have that silver dime.

I witnessed the 2013 crash, I witnessed the 2017 crash. I still can't believe I didn't buy enough to be a millionaire right now. Because I could've many many times over.

But one thing I strongly believe, is the best time to buy is when it gets boring. You see Bitcoin getting boring, means the market is calming down before it crashes again… UP. Bitcoin doesn't seem to crash down unless it's going crazy crashing up first. When it's been in the $50k – $60k range for two months now. I believe we're at the equivalent of the $3,000 peak in June 2017.

Just think about how the previous low of 2016 was under $400. Compared to the low of 2020 of under $4000.

In June 2017 it reached $3,000. Nearly 3X the previous ATH of about $1000 3.5 years earlier in 2013. In late February this year it reached about $60,000, about 3X the previous ATH of $20,000… About 3.5 years earlier.

Now of course it's not exactly exactly the same. But it seems to be roughly repeating the same pattern.

It did crash 33% to $2,000 within a month in July 2017, which is what I expected now, but it's been 2 months and it's barely done anything.

If 2021 does what I expect, we may see a break out soon that sees BTC reaching $200,000 – $400,000 this year or January 2022 ($400k being extremely optimistic), before crashing to $50,000 – $100,000 or less to start the new bear market.

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