In less than 15 minutes I made a podcast from scratch and turned on the value block to enable streaming satoshis

I wanted to see how easy it was to turn on the value block to allow Podcasting 2.0 players (such as Breez, PodFriend, Sphinx, podStation) to stream satoshis to the creator via the lightning network. I don’t have a podcast, so I figured I’d see what it wold take to create a dummy podcast to test it out. Turns out it was far more simple than I thought. The dummy audio files I used are just me painfully listing each step. There was no plan to impart any production value into this super of the moment endeavor. However, since it turned out to be so easy, I figured I’d share. There are 4 episodes (a combined total of <9 minutes), should anyone be interested in starting a value for value podcast themselves.

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