where to start learning?

I find out about btc and eth about 6month ago. Since then i have Invested most of my money without any research and understanding. I invested just because of their popularity.

But now i dont want to be such ignorant and not learn anything at all. I want to study almost every single thing there is to learn to understand this crypto space fully.

I want to start from fundamentals then go to advance studies. I see a lot of words here and also on other crypto subreddits, i dont understand. I want to be able to understand them. I want to be able to understand the crypto language. I want to know the future of cryptocurriencies ? Be it btc, eth ,ada , holo or anyother crypto.

I want to learn so that i dont feel fud. I want to make informed investment. I dont want to throw my money on sth i dont understand anymore. I want to invest for the long term and learn along the way.

So please give me some guidance on this. Where should i start from?

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