How Would XMR Deal With BTC Network Issues?

BTC experienced many network issues in April which lead to very high fees, making it almost unusable for a time. Some couldn't afford to use their BTC. Others waited days or weeks for their transaction to confirm.

How would the XMR network deal with the below situations (independently or happning at the same time).

  • 1. USD price for one XMR being $40k+
  • 2. For whatever reason, a large percentage (IE 20-30%) of the network hash rate just disappearing all at once.
  • 3a. Flood of transactions (IE 500+ per block) and…
  • 3b. …a mempool with 80k+ transactions pending.
  • 4. For whatever reason, a large number of transactions being sent every block with unnecessarily high fees (IE BTC mempool 'high priority' was around 200 sat/vB, but almost every block contained multiple transactions where the fees were 2000+ sat/vB).

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