Inflation is real and maybe we should just be focused on what’s happening outside of Bitcoin.

I have been a tried and true hodler since 2017. I wish I’d have gone against my judgement in 2014 but that’s a story we all share.

Last year I was staring down the barrel of unemployment and managed to miss it by nothing short of luck. I began heavily accumulating bits an pieces of bitcoin like one accumulated cigarettes in a World War II soldier biopic. I filled my spare moments with anything I could related to bitcoin. At the end of the year I pushed every last chip in. I’ve got no more to give but am living my life like I did before but can’t buy fun things that my wife complains about anyway like guitars.

Now that I have pseudo emerged from quarantine buying things that I have last year or stopping at a restaurant I notice the prices have nearly doubled in a year. The thing that keeps me up at night while the value of my bitcoin grows is… what’s happening that makes that value grow.

I’ve been less concerned as to that my bitcoin is growing but rather… what’s causing it to grow.

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