Median transaction fees have stayed at around 0.0002 BTC for years. If you’ve earnt and held your wealth in bitcoin, then TX fees haven’t actually increased. So it’s not that fees have become too expensive for buying a cup of coffee onchain, it’s that the coffee has become so cheap in comparison!

I guess the flaw in my point above is that, compared to a few years ago, it's now much harder for someone to earn the 0.0002 BTC required for a TX fee. But it's still interesting to take a bitcoin-centric view on value whereby fees have stayed constant and everything else has become so much cheaper 🙂

Note: Does anyone know of any graphs showing historical average transaction fees over time valued in BTC or sats rather than in USD? I couldn't find any so I had to do some manual calculations for the above figures.

Another note: I found while researching this and it probably deserves a post far more than the above information… Check it out!

Edit: This chart gives a pretty good indirect indication of constant TX fees when valued in BTC:


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