MoneMarket – My Monero Only webshop project


MoneMarket is an online shop which sells locally sourced goods straight from the source.

At the moment there are three things for sale, all are from Vietnam: weasel coffee (artificial and real), normal coffee, and "magic" garlic from Ly Son island – Vietnamese people believe that this one has magical powers. I like it because of its taste.

The mission is to use Monero only, store the least information possible and delete the info after the transaction completely finished. Also, will stay away from trackers and any kind of marketing tactics. Static prices, no sales, no "free shipping" trickery, etc.

Plan is to get more sources to support local producers and cut out any middlemen including governments.

If you have any questions, suggestions, please leave a comment or drop me a message, I would be very thankful.

Thank you.

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