Sourcing monero – for a complete newb

Ok,there we go… I sincerely hope my mobile reddit doesn't fail me here. I am TOTALLY new to crypto and some of y'all have likely seen a few of my total shit show posts of complete ignorance! I never once thought about crypto in any way until about 2 or 3 weeks ago. I was speaking to a friend of mine who was mining bitcoin in the EARLY DAYS… He'd always tell me that he was finding an in game currency of sorts, and I never much though about it. Fast forward to now, and he tells me that in those early days( blocks?) were easy to find and he'd source about 25 a day with help of others. Well, he stored all of his 200k btc on a random external HD. He told me at the time people were using like 10k btc for a domino's pizza, so he wasn't much worried about them…. More of a novelty. Well, that HD bit the dust, along w his 200k btc, long long ago. He although, started a very large security company and is doing WELL, way better that I. But a recent conversation with him sparked me here. I traveled a LONG and really strange road to find you guys. I researched the history of btc, how the SR came to be, and how it all jumped off. Well, being the realist I am, I see the need for truly private transactions – and how btc will never be what everyone thinks it is. Folks want to be allowed to live their lives without an eye looking down on them. It's insane how you can track a btc purchase back to its infancy?! This is absurd to me! As an admitted older dude here, there's something to be said for paying with cash – and this as I see it Monero (correct me if I'm wrong) is the internet's "cash". This all being said, it's what brought me to investigate and research Monero further. I don't have a full grasp on it's inner workings , but I am intrigued enough, that's for sure. If this is what I believe it is (correct me if I'm wrong, – the internet's "cash") then I need in! This is something I can get behind here. But, being as un-tech-savvy as I am, I'm having a hard time obtaining Monero. So far I have transfered from CB to for Monero, but the fees are wild. I also purchased directly from – but those fees are even worse! Now I'm on a 6 day wait until my CB funds are free – then I can use again and trade for Monero. THERE HAS TO BE AN EASIER WAY FOR ME TO OBTAIN MONERO, RIGHT?! I am really not that tach savvy, and have had many hiccups in my new road to cryto – resulting in losses due to my newbness in the scene. I've seen localmonero but I'm hesitant bc of my computer skills. Iva had a hard enough time trying to figure out cake wallet (as proven/tested) by y'all. So, if there is any way possible for me to more easily invest in Monero I'd love to hear how. I am fully ready to get on board with this. Thank you all for being a great resource! Any help in sourcing is greatly appreciated!

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