UI idea: “Spendable Outputs” counter

One of the most frequently mentioned pain points for users of Monero is the inability to spend change that isn't 10 blocks deep (i.e., being forced to wait ~20 minutes between outgoing transactions or before spending new XMR). This is detrimental for retail usage, in-person social events, or perhaps even quick online puchasing / bill-paying sessions.

While there are no serious proposals for eliminating this wait time, to my knowledge, there is the mitigation strategy of building up unspent outputs by sending to yourself a few times or just waiting until your wallet builds them naturally. Some have even suggested having wallets that do this automatically for the user.

What if we improve users' response to and understanding of this pain point through a small spendable outputs counter, especially on mobile? Most Monero wallets already show locked vs unlocked balances (with estimates, in some cases). Why not show spendable outputs as well?

Idea for how this could work:

Spendable outputs: 0 (possibly colored orange or red) * Alerts the user that there is nothing unlocked to spend right now (duplicates / compliments the 0 unlocked balance indicator) * Tapping on this counter could open a dialog box explaining what this is, what Monero is waiting on, and what to do about it ("just wait about 20 minutes")

Spendable outputs: 1 (possibly colored orange or yellow) * Alerts the user that their next spend will be their last before waiting some amount of time * Tapping this could show the same info + let them know "spending your only unlocked output may require you to wait up to 20 minutes before your next spend (this is normal for new balances or new wallets)"

Spendable outputs: 2+ (color green or hide the counter entirely) * Reassures the user that they can spend multiple times in quick succession

This counter would be useful even for those of us who understand the problem and want to build up outputs for spending.

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