My country is in a fight against dictatorship

I live in Colombia and at the beginning of the pandemic i converted all my savings and income straight into Bitcoin.

I lost all my savings twice before when the bank declared bankruptcy and a few years ago the bank literally stole money from my account.

Now since April 28 war broke out and things are not looking bright for the country.

Some people on Twitter and also Imgur trying to give live updates on the situation

90% of my money is save, thanks to Bitcoin !

Sadly news sources aren't covering the true picture here (as you can see in the imgur link), strikes broke out 28 of April and the Police and Military are killing, torturing, raiding peoples homes and shooting flash bang grenades and tear gas grenades in people's homes.

Right now i have my windows barricaded with mattresses and a gaping hole in my roof from flash bang grenades.

All the routes are blocked, anyone trying to drive a car around gets shot at with live ammo.

I had my house paid off last year and now will lose everything again.

If i do make it out, i have at least my Bitcoins that i have saved !

Even if the country recovers, the local money will be as useless as Venezuelan bolivars.

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