security breach cost me over 100k USD


I have a wallet at since Jan 2014. I used a very strong and unique password that I used only for this account.

I kept the password on a note in a bank safe for over 7 years.

However when I try to login into my wallet I reveive a message that my password is invalid.

I searched through 7 years of email history but there is no email saying that my password ever got changed or that there was a login attempt.

I have proof that I own a wallet since 2014 and am still able to retrieve the login ID by email.

Online I read that they've had a massive security breach in the past. I suspect that my wallet got hacked when their platform got breached. However since it's not my password that got leaked but their platform are they liable for the damage that occured to me?

I'm trying to contact them by support but I am not receiving any responds. Should I hire a lawyer?

I'm wondering if people have any experience with this. And please, don't comment "Not your keys, not your coins". I know that phrase but that didn't go up back in 2014.

My wallet contains close to 2 BTC which is over 100k USD. Any person that could succesfully assist me will receive a 15k USD payout.

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