The Blockstream conspiracy/monero lovers

Am I the only one noticing something?

  • AB is most likely Satoshi.

  • Satoshi wanted confidential transactions but couldn't implement them at the time.

  • Now there is this "liquid network" that strangely resembles monero. It has confidential transactions, it has quicker blocks, it has atomic swaps with bitcoin.

Is this Satoshi's attempt to fix the flaws of his own creation? Other elements:

Satoshi wrote that only a few big companies would run full nodes, not the average person, this would allow bigger blocks and thus faster transactions. This is exactly what liquid has.

Satoshi did talk about possible sidechains.

The problems I see with liquid though:

  1. There is no proof of work and mining. The blocks are signed by a federation, the new FED? So we're supposed to trust them, ouch.

  2. Who prevents this new FED to make more l-btc than btc? They could end up just like the FED, breaking the gold standard and start moving more l-btc than the actual btc they have.

  3. When you want to get your btc back, the have to authorize you to exchange your l-btc for your old btc. Ouch again.

I am ready to change my mind but this is a phenomenon that I am noticing.

Did Satoshi make a mess and now, trying to fix it, he's making an even bigger mess?

All thoughts appreciated.

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