I have finally added Monero to my portfolio! Sorry it has taken this long.

Monero has been on my list for months. It’s such a unique coin that really stands out from the crowd in my opinion.

I dipped my toes in crypto last year but really started to treat it long term at the start of this February. I admittedly ran out of extra fiat that I’m comfortable to have in this risky market pretty early on, so it’s taken a while to go down the list and complete a portfolio I’m confident of to hold very long term.

I was really hoping Monero would hang out in the $200 range longer, but it is what it is. After shifting around some funds I made the exchange today! Exodus hit me with a $70 fee which was rough, but hopefully just a drop in the bucket 20 years from now.

Thanks for being a great community! Now that I own some I feel like I can finally relax, stop looking at the charts, and just enjoy the new updates about XMR.

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