I just need to vent

I was a huge bitcoin sceptical. I followed what major "economists" said regarding bitcoin. "it's too volatile", "there's no value in it", "it's made for traffickers and criminals", "it will crash and people will lose their money". I swallowed media and assumed I was right thinking this bs. Heck, all those statements not only were wrong, but they were also unfounded by people who literally don't know shit. Big mouths.

I forgot about bitcoin until I started to dig, out of curiosity about how Ethereum works, and the whole thing about Blockchain in general, then Bitcoin, and lately I just read Satoshi's paper on Bitcoin.

Satoshi, if he was a single person, was a mastermind. He disappeared and his project just worked and is revolutionizing the whole finance industry.

Right now, everything looks so well put together that it's hard for me to believe that this wasn't planned. Bitcoin's limited supply will just shield it from the Fed printing money – if this policy has any consequences, which I wouldn't be surprised.

I wish I could go back in time and learn what I learned in these weeks. It took me a master in software engineering and a lot of research to wake up.

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