Learning computer programming and wanting to contribute to LN development

Hello /r/bitcoin

I want to start developing on the lightning network and not sure where to get started. I've been a bitcoin HODLer for a few years now and a LN user for a few months starting with Strike app and Fold app. It was a magical experience using LN sending Sats to directly to my wallet with Strike and getting Sat back bonuses with Fold.

Recently, I have become curious about the engineering behind it all and find it extremely fascinating. I noticed job postings for lightning developer/engineer and want to gain as much experience as possible to one day be qualified for these positions. Any advice on where to start?

Additionally, what problems or areas do you feel the LN needs the most development effort with?

I have experience programming mostly in python. I am currently working towards learning C and C++

Note: Posted this in /r/lightningnetwork an /r/thelightningnetwork too. Was advised by members there to post here too.

Thank you!

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