The anti-bitcoin anti-cryptos, are IDIOTS!

Think about it, during the crash to $30K, why did the FUD and bad news suddenly disappear?

If there are powerful people who can control narrative who badly want to kill or burst the crypto bubble, why not deliver the killing blow?

During that time, I strongly believe that a straight crash to 20K would even break the positive stance of a huge portion of personalities who support bitcoin and crypto.

Like, the FUD brought out by Elon Musk. There was no big follow-up. Like, no one provided funds to the big news agency to support Elon Musk claim?

Or, the USD Tether potential scam. Why is it not being used that much? This is actually a strong negative to crypto. But no, only the small fishes are talking about it.

I can only think of two reasons why. And it is not because the FUD'rs are idiots.

#1. They want to milk it too.
#2. They realize that bitcoin is too strong.

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