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hello, so i was thinking of mining monero using xmrig, except i have to tell him where is the file and how to use it, this wasn't the problem, the problem is that there is SOO many files here:





which one should i choose? and how do i know which one is installed from configuration.nix and not from nix-env?

also one question, if i have a pkg installed twice from both configuration.nix and nix-env, how do i remove the one installed from nix-env and keep the one installed from the .nix file?

EDIT: so apparently i can only edit the config file when i am chrooting into the system, when i edit the config in /nix/store it tells me "Read-only file system", is there some kind of chmod trick to give myself permission to change the file without the need to restart and chroot from a usb drive?

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