My Bitcoin “Manifesto”

I am a 50 year old white Gen X'r in the USA originally from Boston, Mass. I live a comfortable life as an IT systems admin for a large firm. I first entered Bitcoin a couple years ago for economic practicality reasons. I saw inflation coming and wanted a hedge. Later I would learn about the possible future riches with Bitcoin's scarcity which was a big lightbulb moment and I've also felt some FOMO.

For a long time I scoffed at Bitcoin and thought it was some millennial young man in his basement type of dream. I should have listened closer back in 2011 to Max Keiser and company… but that is all in the past. You can only change the future.

After this weekend's Bitcoin conference though I now HODL Bitcoin because I want to improve the world. This is no longer about the $ value.

**Fix the money. Fix the world.**

Watching a young, somewhat 'unprofessional' Jack Maller speak so passionately about his work in El Salvador made me realize that Bitcoin is so much bigger than me becoming a millionaire. It is HOW to save the planet AND the people simultaneously. This is a "____ lives matter" revolution that I can join and know it will truly fix something. In the future bitcoin world I envision people will no longer have their life energy and time stolen from them. The evil games that the rich play on the poor will be less effective. The Bitcoin protocol doesn't care about your sex, age, sexual preference, race, religion, trading, type of trade, or even your past criminal record. It is the central banker mankind has always needed and wanted but never had. Until now.

Every environmentalist should realize how much bitcoin incentivizes green renewable energy, everyone passionate about sustainability of resources wanting to see the true worldwide price figured in, everyone who wants to solve homelessness, unemployment, fair trade and affordable housing, everyone who wants to improve politics in EVERY country (not just your own), every businessman who doesn't want to struggle as hard, every student who wants to fight for fairness, diversity, every female who wants to secure property rights for women WORLDWIDE NOW and not through the courts, every revolutionary that wants to end war and the "Military Industrial Complex" should be joining us with all their passion……and I could go on.

THIS IS THE REVOLUTION of ALL REVOLUTIONS. If you REALLY want to make a difference, join our fight.

I want a better world for my grandchildren. Bitcoin is the way to do this. This is why I HODL now. Ask me at what price I will sell you my Bitcoin for now? As Mastercard would say…. "priceless".

Be the change in the world you want to see and thanks for reading.

p.s. – Elon, you and I are the same age…. You are smarter than me on most tech issues and I still stand in awe of your achievements. IMHO you are always welcome as a part of our revolution and I'm not even certain yet that you ever left. I'm hoping you start to see this revolution the same way you do some of your other past fights with institutions and stand with Bitcoin all the way.

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