Who of you still believe in fairy tales? FBI ‘finds’ the stolen BTC.

Ok, so an group of hackers capable of hacking the company demand BTC instead of a privacy oriented crypto. Then, the FBI manage to reclaim a lot of the BTC by 'finding it' with a block explorer. Now they are in control of the private keys. That, and the recently discovered aliens have told us that the BTC protocol will fail in the autumn of 2024.

“The Department of Justice has found and recovered the majority of the ransom paid,”

A perfect story to:
– Hide inflation: it's not inflation it's oil becoming expensive because of hackers!
– Attack bitcoin: because criminals use it. We must take control!
– Attack bitcoin: because assets can be seized easily by gov. agencies whenever they want to.

Also note that coindesk is absolute garbage, a 100% controlled media that does not question anything when it matters.


Maybe they want your BTC cheap, real cheap.

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