Anarcho Quest: Monero Germany 07/2021

Uncle Peter just launched this very first Anarcho Quest, rewarding the hippest Monero marketing stunt you're able to perform in Germany.

Here is a translation of the quest description. See the @anarcho_quest Telegram for updates!

Reward (chip in to raise!): 400€ in XMR

1st place: 300€, sponsors:

  • Peter (@reteplekno) 100€
  • Torben (of @dsindf) 100€
  • Rob (@Unregierbar) 100€

2nd place: 75€, sponsors:

  • Vic of (@raushier_kanal) 75€

3rd place: 25€, sponsors:

  • Vic of (@raushier_kanal) 25€

Goal: High-profile campaign that significantly raises awareness for Monero. The bolder and more creative the better.

Deadline: July 31, 2021

Winner determined by public vote

Documentation: Photo or video. XMR address (QR code or string) and date should be clearly identifiable.

Details: My point with this quest is for Monero to penetrate people's consciousness as a true and hip alternative to fiat money. Thus the action should be bold, brave, creative and sensational. Sticker, banner, megaphone speech, flag or way better – it's up to you! Post your proof in the group chat. Please make sure that you do not cause any damage to property. I can publish transaction details upon winner's request to prove payment.

400€ for a good deed – where else do you find that?

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