Cannot Restore Wallet from Monero GUI – ‘Next’ button is grayed out

Hi, I've just downloaded and installed the Monero Gui. I configured it for Advanced Mode (local node).

I created a new wallet and saved the seed (24 + 1) and the restore height.

As I also wanted to try creating a Ledger Wallet I backed out of the main screen to create a hardware wallet.
But now, when I try to restore my original Monero GUI wallet from the seed phrase I cannot get past the first screen – the Next button is grayed out.

I've typed all 25 words in order and double-checked them. But it is not letting me click Next.

I sent a small amount of XMR from Binance as a test (which has >10 confirmations according to Minergate).
Note that I am still in the process of downloading the Monero blockchain and the daemon has not yet synced. However, I do not understand why I am unable to restore my wallet.

Is there something obvious I'm missing? How do I get the Next button to be selectable?
This is the first time I've tried running a Monero Node.

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