Donald Trump said the quiet part out loud.

We hear a lot of FUD from the powers that be:

"Bitcoin is…

A ponzi scheme. A waste of energy. A tool for criminals."

One thing we never hear?

"Bitcoin is a threat to the U.S. dollar."

Then along comes smooth-brained Donald Trump who says exactly that on live TV.

Dude is a dimwit, but he was just America's president for four years. If he's calling Bitcoin a "threat to the dollar" then that is 100% a sentiment at the highest levels of government.

I bet we see a lot more coordinated FUD in the coming weeks and months. They're trying to cripple this thing now, while retail is scared and institutions have minimal exposure. Undercut the bull run and kill the twelve-year narrative.

Stay tuned for the SEC ruling on VanEck Bitcoin ETF next week. Their decision and the language they use will be very telling.

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