FBI Colonial Pipeline Hack FUD – True Story Revealed

FBI Colonial Pipeline Hack FUD - True Story Revealed


First of all, they want you to believe Russian hackers used a cloud server to house their private key. Lol ok!

Second, MSM coverage of this is deliberately vague and superficial, using the term "Bitcoin account" and not Bitcoin wallet.

Why? Because they want to run with the narrative that they broke into an actual Bitcoin wallet. Non-coiners and even some newcoiners will not know the difference.

Third, how do you like the timing of this? Jack Mallers Twitter gets blocked the day after El Salvador announcement, with signs entire Latin America may follow. Then FBI "break" Bitcoin wallet security. The press release was absolutely pathetic as if they managed to pull off some white hat gymnastics to nab the bitcoins.

FBI sequestered the private key information from the hosting service provider. My theory at first was it was either this or a centralized exchange wallet.

Centralized services must comply or they will be shut down. They're not Bitcoin's allies. They're obligate allies of the petrodollar tyranny.

Guess who else uses centralized hosting services in crypto? Pretty much the entire Ethereum network, all of the measly 3000 nodes. Bitcoin's L2 protocol Lightning Network has 21000 nodes!

Muh decentralized network

Can FBI shut down this network? Better believe it!

That journalist who reported that the FBI "cracked the private key" probably bought the dip. If he didn't, then he should be fired because if he's that stupid, he's unqualified to cover Bitcoin.

The FBI should thank Satoshi because the Bitcoin blockchain allowed them to trace the hacker which they would not be able to when bad actors use the petrodollar.

So a pretty lame FUD in the end. Govt/state/national security level attacks are the boss battle for Bitcoin. We didn't come this far to lose the boss battle.

We will die on this hill.

#Bitcoin standard

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