Hodl with strong hands and a stout heart – the FUD will be fast and thick as poor nations seek to adopt the bitcoin standard

Bitcoin just entered into a new phase with El Salvador, Paraguay, Argentina, Brazil, etc either adopting or considering the adoption of a Bitcoin standard. I'm not one for conspiracies, but it is almost certain that this will start the gears turning in Washington D.C., London, Berlin, etc.

The FUD will be fast and thick over the next few years as poorer nation state adoption becomes prevalent. The euro and dollar have much to lose, but the people who use those currencies or their own failing currencies have much to gain. We hodlers will be their backbone, and stand with them in solidarity.

Be ready. Have a strong hand and stout heart. If nation states see value in this, we've already won friends. It's just going to be a painful victory journey.

Figure out what side of history you want to be on. Cast your die.


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