Is anyone aware of the suspicious circumstances surrounding bitcoin’s drop?

About 3 days ago there was news that El Salvador was going to adopt bitcoin as legal tender. As of yesterday, news broke out that the Department of Justice cracked down on a ransomware attack on Colonial and retrieved $2.3 million worth of bitcoin. At the same time, the Scotland Yard announced that bitcoin needs to be regulated to stop money laundering. These PR announcements sparked a panic with regular investors who did not want to be part of the "money laundering/extortion" picture.

It just seems suspicious with the timing of these reports. All of them happened soon after the El Salvadorian president said that his country is ready to adopt bitcoin. Bitcoin was portrayed as some kind of savior to an underdeveloped country and then the next day it was seen as a villain. They must've studied Elon Musk's affect on bitcoin's value, because they also quoted Trump calling bitcoin a "scam." All of this happened at once coincidentally, it's almost like as if it was coordinated

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