Sharing an idea for an app inspired by WeNano , would you like to see this in action?

So, the way this would work is: – Users can enter their city on their profile – cities with enough users are eligible for the random selection – when a random selection happens, a hotspot in that city is chosen (e.g. a shopping centre) – a collection of monero is opened there, and you can visit the zone to join it. – when you contribute to the faucet, it extends the timer of it ( like a subathon ) – the timer finally ends and monero is distributed to people by how close they are to the faucet when the timer ends ( this works better when people are contributing to the faucet more frequently, as you can’t predict when it will end since people can add more time) – repeat

Some topics for discussion/feedback: – how to encourage users to contribute to faucets ( without making the rich get richer too much ) – how to verify users are at a faucet ( location services? ) – app name – funding initial faucets

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