Hate mainstream media coverage of bitcoin? I’m a journalist – help me

Hi – I'm a freelance aviation journalist who's written for the The Guardian, The New York Times, the Economist, Forbes and a bunch of geeky plane titles you haven't heard of.

Aviation is a dead horse nowadays so my career is totally unviable unless I diversify. Its not difficult to work out how: I've held bitcoin since 2013 and my financial security is 90% built on crypto anyway. I'm in a great position to write about bitcoin & how it can democratise global finance.

Here's the problem: I've been furiously pitching commentaries about the El Salvador news – which I believe will sweep across Latin America first, then Africa – and the wall of silence is deafening.

The exact same pitching style that landed me commissions for a decade is suddenly ineffective. Commissioning editors, senior editors and publishers in mainstream media outlets do not want stories about bitcoin changing the world. They're embarrassed by their poor commentaries on bitcoin in years gone by; they're beholden to financial advertisers who rightly see bitcoin as the enemy; and they're too mentally lazy to think about the big picture. FT Group is by far the worst offender.

Freelance journalism is a brutal existence, but with persistence it has good days where you feel like your voice matters. I have a comment piece inside me that I know that can create one of those days.

I'm sure many, many other freelancers & staffers feel the same way, but are powerless to act.

What the fuck do I do? Don't just bitch about journalists – one is reaching out sincerely, so engage with him and help him get to work.

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