It’s Pretty Insane That Privacy is Treated Like A Risk

The more involved that I get with Monero , the more I feel like my rights as a human being are actually being given back to me.

It's so strange that to the general public, privacy isn't treated like a right and people are just okay with having every little action they do tracked. I remember when Edwards Snowden had to run from the US forever because he released that the NSA was watching every online action that happens (even ones you think are secure or private) but now it's treated as a joke to laugh off saying "when my CIA agent sees me dancing to Shakira through my webcam" as if that's not a real thing that's happening, except it's also happening when you're making phone calls, when you're talking to your boss, when you're reading important documentation, etc. But asking for that privacy back and it feels like people are brainwashed to respond with "but you know I guess it's fair at the end of the day because the government catches like 10 people who were actually committing a crime" or "if you're not doing anything wrong why do you care?" I care because I should have the right to my privacy and to do things without the governing body watching my every move like I'm a mouse in their maze that only ends in a trap. Also laws literally change every damn day so I hate hearing people act like every law is based in morality.

I know that developed nations may feel like they have more privacy than underdeveloped nations, but it's like saying "well we're still terrible, but at least we're a fraction less terrible than the most terrible". More people need need to realize that there is essentially nothing they do anymore that isn't monitored 24/7, the least you could ask for is privacy of information and privacy of your funds.

I'm glad Monero exists and no amount of "but criminals tho" FUD is going to change my stance on the matter. Privacy should be a right above all else and Monero is going to help in making that true again.

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