I’ve started developing a POS app for Monero…

I've noticed that when I pay with monero that I see a lot of variety, and that I'm not super satisfied with any of them.

As such, I ve finally decided to give it a try myself! I'm a novice when it comes to software development, but I think I could get a product out that I'm happy with and excited to share.

I'd like to hear what others here think about such an endeavor. Am I going down a beaten trail? What would be valuable features in such an app?

Here's what I'm looking for right now: *Highly portable. Works on any system. *People can audit to see it's no scam (at least some open source probably) FAST. SNAPPY. – I want to cut down on wallet resyncs by utilizing encrypted cloud storage. – An option for the sender to transmit the file over Bluetooth or NFC or something to the receiver, so their device can broadcast automatically and to the user it's truly received instantly and they know the monero is on its way. * fast invoicing with a clear and fair exchange rate. Most times people shouldn't have to even talk about it. * a simple way to generate labeled subaddresses and distribute view keys with for a wallet * off-chain metadata with information such as "order number", generated and stored locally

So… in what ways do you think I'm on to something or not?

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