Monero’s future as a active daily use currency.

Hi folks. I am a rare poster, and a constant lurker. I have been vested in Monero since late 2016 and have consolidated all my coins here.

Neither Monero nor bitcoin can act as a "daily use" currency due to low transaction throughput and long commit times. They will both require an infrastructure built on top of them identical to the current credit card system. These systems will have high speed/high volume transactions required for an active daily use currency. This CryptoCard company will make a percentage and accept the cost of mitigating the risks (just like a credit card). They will have KYC, the ability to internalize crypto transactions, and aggregate them together when committing them to the individual block chains. This removes transaction costs and commit time from the picture, somewhat leveling the playing field for Bitcoin (and all other cryptocurrencies) in these respects.

This removes the privacy aspect of Monero for the individual transaction as well, but does not grant the CryptoCard corporation (and therefore the government) any other view of your wallets other transactions. This alone is reason enough to chose Monero over Bitcoin.

Since it is now possible to assess the history of some coins, a system like this MUST refuse to transact in any coin that is not "Clean". As financial infrastructures like this come into existence (or are adopted by current credit card companies) fungibility of a coin will become critical to its success. In this environment, Monero will blossom.

This is one persons' view

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