The Monero message.

Hi all,

Primarily Id like to offer my gratitude and respect to all the Monero researchers and developers, please accept my heart felt thank you! You’re genuinely making a difference in the world.

(That’s not why I’m writing this, but I wanted to say it.)

I’ve just seen a video of “Monero guy” posted on the r/xmrtrader sub, and he’s waving a flag which is great, but it made me realise that if I were an uninformed person, I’d have absolutely no idea what it meant or why I should be interested.

So my proposal if I may, would be to ask if we can include something with the Monero logo to help people understand, maybe like a tag line? (I know that sounds a bit cheesy, but maybe cheesy works?)

Given the state of our right of privacy, would it be worth while creating something to perk peoples ears up, make them “want” to take notice, and relate that to the Monero logo?

Just as an example of what I’m thinking, along with the Monero logo on flags/Merchandise, how about something like:

“Monero, what Bitcoin should be!”,


“When banks and governments are just too invasive, Try Monero!”

“Dirty Bitcoins? You need Monero!”,

“Monero! fully interchangeable crypto!”,

You get the picture!

Personally I feel like not only do we need to provide the logo, but we also need to advertise the narrative so people understand the point of Monero.

Does that make sense?

Also, thanks again for all your efforts folks, much respect, and thank you in advance for ideas and constructive criticism.🙏🏻

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